Epic Mom-say of the Week #001


I have the privilege of knowing some of the best moms. With that privilege comes the responsibility to quote the things that, as parents, we say in everyday conversation that prove, without a doubt, how effing cool we are. Today, an actual quote from an actual parent on going to actual Joann Fabric. Also discussed in this conversation was our need to get out more when, in reply to this, I admitted that I was so excited about using my new Norwex wool dryer balls that, even though I had plenty of dryer sheets left, I did two loads of laundry just so I could use them. (It was amazing, in case you’re wondering.)

So, here’s to awesome parents everywhere who say awesome things. We are quite content with our fabulousness, thanks.

Truth be told, I’d really love you to jot down your own epic parent-says and send them my way. I’d love to share them. We effing cool people have to stick together, after all.


4 thoughts on “Epic Mom-say of the Week #001

  1. Dianne says:

    See,,, the problem for some of us cool people is that we’re SO cool, we don’t even realize it anymore unless somebody points it out to us. Cool things come from our lips all the time….it’s up to you or another cool person to interpret it as such. 🙂

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