Moby Dick Lego Activity

I've finally made it to the last page of Moby Dick; naturally, I'm wearing a wool blazer adorned with leather elbow patches. Excuse me while I set down my wine goblet and pack my pipe with artisinal tobacco. Can't you just smell the richness and grandeur? I want to share this literary experience with my 4 year old … Continue reading Moby Dick Lego Activity

Because I cry.

“So do you feel like motherhood has changed you?” Hubs asked on Mother’s Day. “Yeah.” Duh. Hubs and I were high school sweethearts, you know. Back then, he had a nickname for me: The Ice Princess. Yes. Before Ana and Elsa…there was me. Only I wore baggy jeans, flannel, and sang “Smells Like Teen Spirit” … Continue reading Because I cry.