The Slap

I’ve managed to make it 35 years in this life without ever having been slapped in the face. In my blacktop days, I was shoved down by one kid while another kid held my hands behind my back. One entire side of my face smeared into meatloaf as my cheek met the asphalt. It wasn’t … Continue reading The Slap

Confessions of a failed morning routine

The floorboards beneath my feet creaked. He sat up, rubbing his sleepy eyes, haphazard wisps of blond hair glowing in the shadowy light. “Daddy went to work,” my 2-year-old son states matter-of-factly in a croaky miniature voice. He sounds like part frog, part angel. “Yeah, Daddy is already at work. Good morning, buddy.” He yawns … Continue reading Confessions of a failed morning routine

School Pictures

I’ve stumbled upon a relic from the past. Something I had assumed had disappeared or been completely reengineered since I left grade school decades ago. I was certain this thing had been reformed into a digitized, cropped, fabricated fraud of retouched blemishes, precisely placed eye sparkles, whitened teeth, and filtered nuance. But school pictures still … Continue reading School Pictures