Family Day Trips Don’t Have to be Expensive

True story. They don't. Apparently you can take the whole family to do something fun for a whole day without spending upwards of $50 on food and random unjustifiable purchases. Maybe you were already in on this little secret. We've had our fair share of day trips where we hike in a nature preserve, but … Continue reading Family Day Trips Don’t Have to be Expensive

The truth about our finances

It happened on August 4, 2017. The email. First, allow me to provide some context. I'm nearly 38 years old. I have a forehead wrinkle that lingers permanently, thanks to the natural state of my face over many years (frowny-skepticism-with-the-sun-in-my-eyes-face). I wear the same two pairs of jeans repeatedly, one of which is secured with … Continue reading The truth about our finances