Happy New Year

It’s about 8:45 p.m. I’m sitting here, in my home, reflecting for a moment on 2014.

I’ve just carted a hamper of laundry up the stairs from the basement. We’ve spent all day painting, hanging curtains, and putting together a headboard from Ikea. The kitchen is a mess. Our big New Year’s Eve dinner was a frozen pizza, diet caffeine-free Pepsi, and puppy chow – the commercially-made kind from Chex, not homemade. The hubs has to work tomorrow – New Year’s Day – so we had to turn down plans with friends.

I hear the [not so] angelic screams of a toddler coming from the bedroom upstairs. It’s bedtime for the boy.

Hubs nearly cut off his thumb earlier this year. I thought about showing the pictures here, but they’re kind of gruesome. My sister-in-law, a mother of four, suffered a terrible injury that nearly resulted in a stroke this year – all from a routine chiropractic adjustment. Meanwhile, she lost her grandmother this year and her grandfather is currently not doing well. My dad had hip replacement surgery. We were all excited about that one…until his hip “popped out” of the joint two weeks later and he got the call from his doctor that they had to go back in for a second surgery. That fiasco started on Christmas day. The hubs lost an uncle this year and sadly it took his passing to meet some relatives of his I’d never met. Turns out, they’re really awesome people who we’ve been living life without knowing. Blurg.

I had a crown on my tooth. Then a root canal that resulted in the need for a second crown. The boy fell into a chair and had his first trip to the E.R. That makes two E.R. trips for 2014.

Daaaayam. This year was not the bees knees. It was more like a bee’s a-hole for a lot of people I know.

But you know, as I list out all that went wrong with 2014, I can’t stifle the little palpitation of my hearth thrumming…

God you’re lucky. God you’re lucky. God you’re lucky. You’resoluckyYou’resoluckyYou’resolucky. 

A year ago today, I was insane with nerves as I waited to hear about a job I’d applied for. We’d made a really difficult decision, hubs and I, to make a big move back to a life that neither of us envisioned for ourselves in our sweetheart days. I agonized over the decision and left it up to fate. I had a great friend on “the inside” who supported me while I nearly made myself sick just…waiting.

A year ago today, I was squeezing all I could out of the holidays because I dreaded going back to work – back to a job that I loathed in a soul-sucking, barely breathing kind of way. Working with a few great people got me through it.

And then I got the call. I got it. I got the job, and more than that, it was a chance to start over, doing something that I really enjoyed. I couldn’t believe it.

And then…our house wouldn’t sell. Or at least it seemed that way. And in our transitional period of living in a garage apartment in a new place while starting a new job as hubs looked for a new one as well, I cried. A lot. Had we made the right choice? What if our house didn’t sell? I couldn’t leave this awesome job to move back. I couldn’t!

Selling our house was the most stressful event of my life so far. But you know what? It sold.

Then we looked for a house. We looked and we thought we knew what we wanted as a certain aunt and uncle tried to convince us to buy their house. We loved their house, but we wanted a house in the country. We wanted to spend eons mowing and weeding and tilling a garden and having goats and…and…

We kept looking.

I’m sitting here. At home. I’m sipping wine as a pile of clothes, freshly dried for the tenth time to “iron” them, compresses into a ball of wrinkles once more. The home I’m sitting in is the very home my aunt and uncle convinced us to buy – theirs. Tomorrow is New Year’s Day. I’m running in a 5k, thanks to the batshit crazy friend of mine who’s batshit craziness rubbed off onto another friend until they’d both convinced me to run a few miles in subzero temperatures.

The screaming upstairs has subsided into feral cat noises, which tells me the boy has calmed down and settled into his nightly routine of watching cat videos on YouTube, followed by a story, followed by sweet dreams.

The hubs will come downstairs, and we’ll snuggle on the couch as we continue our annual Lord of the Rings marathon. We’ll eat more disgusting commercial snacks because it’s New Year’s Day tomorrow, and there’ll be none of that in 2015! We’ll look around at the house that we love. Love love love. And we’ll talk about how great life is for us. Truly.

I’ll do the 5k tomorrow, then go back to work on Friday, and I won’t mind because it’s not that job from a year ago. It’s one I actually like. I’ll come home to a messy house in 2015 almost every day. Laundry will rarely be folded, let alone put away. The dog will track mud into my home. But it’s a home that I love, full of one and a half people that I love (and a dog I sort of like sometimes), so it’s all good.

So here’s to batshit crazy friends. May they always convince you to do things you never thought you would. Here’s to hip surgeons everywhere, restoring mobility to folks (eventually…after two surgeries). Here’s to sister-in-laws who are the glue that keep the shit together (both of you). Here’s to friends “on the inside” who became so much more. Here’s to aunts and uncles who sometimes know what’s best. To family (even the long-lost-just-met ones…better late than never!), to friends, I offer the merriest of cheers. There is a lot of suffering in the world. For this girl, 2014 was nothing to complain about, and I wish my fortune on everyone far and wide.

Oh, and if you ever do have a rough day…you know, one of “those” days, just come back here and take a quick peek at my most beloved memory of all this year. We simply refer to it as “the haircut.” Cheers once more.



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Dianne says:

    A lesson nobody ever teaches you – life never goes the way we expect it to. I guess the joke is forever on us, even once we realize that truth. I’m so very glad that you realize how fortunate you are, and are thankful for it. That’s about as much as we can hope for in life. And your hubby is one great guy for allowing that photo of his haircut to be posted anywhere, yet alone where a lot of people will see it. I get a chuckle and appreciate his sense of humor, and his good nature for allowing us all to laugh with him. Here’s to a wonderful year ahead. 2015 is going to be amazing!!

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