Nick’s perspective

So, I had a suggestion from one reader that they’d like to hear Nick’s take on all this biz.  I’m trying to keep up with this blog, but the holiday weekend hit, followed by a horrible cold that I’m quite sure will still be lingering when my contractions start two months from now, and I’ve fallen a bit behind.  While I try to catch up, here is the best I can do at providing Nick’s perspective.  It’s probably the closest we’ll get to a post from him.  Some of you have probably seen this when he posted it on Facebook, but alas, I will share it because, even though it embarrasses me a bit, it’s super sweet nonetheless that he made this mini video for us.  Yeah, he’s kinda Prince Charming like that sometimes.  Sigh.  Anyway… here is a video of our first ultrasound, produced and directed by Nick Treber.


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